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Send a message to Hatem Yavuz, who was the primary license holder of Cape fur seal concessions. He claims to have left the industry but he is responsible for the killing of tens of thousands of Cape fur seals. He has paid the seal killers a pittanceĀ and then sold coats made from seal pups for a fortune.

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I am disgusted to learn about your involvement in the massacre of Cape fur seals in Namibia and harp seals in Canada. I hope that you are truly no longer involved in this “industry” in any way. The fur industry is a sick, bloody industry that should disappear forever. It does not belong in a modern, civilized society. The butchering of defenseless nursing, Cape fur seal pups is a heinous atrocity. The cruel slaughter of harp seal pups, who are also threatened by climate change, is despicable. There is no excuse for this. I hope that you will forever cease operations of this kind. You do not need to produce fashion from dead animals. You can produce fashion from many materials that do not involve killing and suffering.

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